StarNet Sp. z o.o. has been operating in the telecommunications industry since 2001, providing modern telecommunications services. It is a leading provider of comprehensive services for commercial and retail premises.

As the owner and designer of one of the largest fibre optic networks in Warsaw, the company offers a wide range of comprehensive telecommunications solutions for business customers, both in the provision of services and in the construction and management of telecommunications infrastructure.

He has built his position through many years of experience in real estate services, an individual approach to each client and a team of experts dedicated to providing the highest level of service.


A single entity, StarNet, is dedicated to working with both tenants and external telecoms operators, whose primary objective is the professional and cost-effective management of the building infrastructure and telecoms resources made available to the tenants of a property.


StarNet treats each client and tenant individually. The company’s business approach is based on one-on-one meetings to develop a working model that is tailored to specific needs. The offering is bespoke, allowing for a high degree of flexibility, understanding and choice of services. In addition, every StarNet customer can rely on the support of a dedicated account manager in every situation. Furthermore, the Customer Service Office provides assistance on a 24/7 basis, regardless of the nature of the case.


StarNet helps you succeed in the marketplace by providing comprehensive telecommunications services that support the efficient operation of your business.

Telecommunications Services

StarNet currently manages more than 300 office and retail properties across the country. The portfolio of satisfied business partners is growing organically. The company is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality and price, as evidenced by the high level of interest in cooperating with it.

Real Estate Services

To meet the needs of its customers, the company offers state-of-the-art services and innovative solutions that are characterised by very high quality, attractive prices and low failure rates.
StarNet offers its solutions to managers, building owners and tenants. These include internet and telephone connectivity, network infrastructure, network security, server room equipment, building collocation and business-specific software. All services are delivered by a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals.
Working with Starnet means not only attractive prices for the services provided, their high quality and constant monitoring, but also a host of other benefits.

State-of-the-art solutions