We are experts in the design of digital solutions. We specialise in smart solutions for strategic industries – automotive, business, e-commerce, HoReCa, real estate, logistics, manufacturing, retail.

We always strive to reach our maximum potential, we deliver and grow our clients’ business together in strong partnerships. We believe that our knowledge helps to understand the digital world, as we often bring the online world into the traditional communication channel. We are one of the few on the Polish market to offer dedicated software solutions for the retail and service sectors.

Our solution portfolio includes innovative technologies such as digital signage, information kiosks (Smart Kiosk), self-service terminals (Smart & Payment Terminals), electronic price tags and queuing (Smart Traffic).

We are experts at what we do

We believe in our multidisciplinary team. We are experts in what we do for digitisation projects. We always deliver with commitment and to a high standard using the wide range of services available.


Focus on proprietary solutions

We have been in the IT industry for 20 years, ensuring that we continue to expand our knowledge base. We have combined design experience with available know-how to create proprietary solutions within the Illusion© platform. That’s our strength and the unrivalled power to grow in any area that requires digitisation.

Proprietary solutions

We support technology partnerships

We are a team player who supports investment in new technologies. We believe that our financial support enables organisations to achieve good digital results. The result of our activities is the implementation of innovative solutions that support, educate and strengthen business processes through digitalisation.

Technology Partnerships

We reduce the risk of business interruption

We understand the importance of business continuity. Continuity and reliability are synonymous with security and confidence in the services provided. That is why we are also active in the hottest area of our partnership, technical support. We are ready for action within the framework of technical support services (SLA).

Technological support