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StarNet Telecom has been successfully operating in the telecommunications market since 2001. The company's core business is to provide comprehensive IT solutions.   StarNet Telecom's offer is a whole range of effective solutions based on modern technologies and systems of leading ICT vendors. Our services are mainly used by business.


Starnet Telecom is operating since 2001, providing the best telecommunication solutions.


Each year, the number of companies outsourcing their telecommunication services is increasing. It's a convenient and secure way for any business.


The company offers its customers innovative solutions that enable the optimisation of costs and adaptation to strict standards.


StarNet Telecom helps its clients to achieve market success by providing comprehensive telecom services that help them drive business success.

Estate Management

Our services have been implemented in over 80 facilities. It's safe and convenient to use from the design stage until operations.

Modern Solutions

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer state-of-the-art solutions, which transfer into high service quality and low rate of emergency fails.


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