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Euro Holding operates mainly in the real estate, telecommunications and energy sectors. The Euro Holding Group manages more than 600 thousand M2 of office and commercial space.


StarNet Telecom helps its clients in market success achievement by providing comprehensive telecommunication services to drive their business.

Real Estate

The Group owns over 50 thousand M2 of office and commercial space.


Grupa Energia is a licensed energy company specialised in commercial real estate services, mainly shopping malls and office buildings.


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Professional business services

Euroholding represents also


Professional security systems

Hektor provides its clients with comprehensive residential and commercial estate services (wide scope of physical and personal security services, technical security, information security and video surveillance).



Dasoft is a company acting in the field of new information technology. In addition to delivery of dedicated IT solutions for its clients, Dasoft sells and serves payment terminals, finds and implements new payment options, writes and monitors information security policies in accordance with ISO 27001.



Our passion are horses and tennis. We have been supporting young talents for years. We organize tournaments, tennis trips and horse show jumping competitions. Our team is a talented and ambitious athlete who are determined to achieve the best results. We believe that adequate support and commitment will enable them to develop skills that will guarantee success in the future.

Nasze Marki